Masa Chen

資深合夥人 Taipei Office

masa chen

"We don't work for our clients. We work for their purpose."

About Masa

Masa is a senior partner at the Taipei office.  Prior to his consulting career he was a software engineer who successfully transitioned into data science when there was a wide adaption of AI across industries.   While he was working on tough AI problems like pattern recognition or behavioral modeling, he found his true passion in the world of strategy.   Soon after, he started working as a digital strategy lead for a marketing firm that holds the largest market shares in their domain.  

Today, With his understanding of AI, marketing, and other technical skills, he is able to define the strategic path for his clients in the digital space and provide the most relevant solutions to all sorts of problems they face.  Because of it, Masa is usually one of the most reliable people in the team where the others can be bold on their strategy without constantly looking over their shoulders.

In recent years, Masa focuses on providing services to SMEs in Taipei to transform businesses to become more relevant in the world of change.  



What wakes us up in the morning are our purposes.  Organizations today have to be the place where like-minded people are together working toward a goal they believe in.