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OOSGA is a digitally native consulting firm that brings four aspects of an organization and integrate it into our approach to Transformation

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Walmart – Digital Transformation of the retail giant

Gigantic & Agile. Walmart, which serves 270 million customers each week online and are located within 10 miles of 90% of the U.S. population is transforming itself from a traditional retail company to a technology, an innovation company, a title that CEO Doug McMillan used to describe Walmart.

What SMEs can do to survive and thrive

As a report from OECD shows, in almost every countries in OECD economies, small and medium-sized enterprises accounts for 95% of firms and 60%~70% of employment.  Yet, growth has declined and the market is being eaten away by big players, ventures, and digital disrupters.

What can incumbent do to survive and thrive in this situation?  In our observation, we found that Organization CultureBrand Purpose, and Digital Capabilities are the three key elements in unlocking growth.

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