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In today’s world, every industry is a technology industry and every story is a technology story.  Manufacturing companies have to embrace industry 4.0, consumer goods companies have to define how they are going to integrate supply chain and distribution, and financial industry have to figure out their unique path to transformation.

However, even in advanced Asia, this is not what we are seeing.  Most incumbents still compete with outdated tools and technology in today’s market, most incumbents still use the same KPI to manage today’s talents, and worst, most companies are still relying on revenue model of the past to drive future’s growth.

Industry is changing and the change is accelerating.  Disruptive innovation is emerging and it is impacting value chain of every industry.  While new technologies are coming out every single day, those that can’t keep up the pace will soon to be left behind.  

This is why we we are here

At OOSGA, our mission is to help companies at advanced Asia to define their strategic path to growth.  Combining capabilities, culture and strategy in four domain: digital, analytics, design, and marketing & sales to cultivate the core  competitiveness of an organization.

the center of gravity of our global economy is shifting toward Asia.  Research even shows that Asia’s GDP will account for 50% of the world.  Yet, most organizations aren’t ready for it, let along, taking the responsibility.  This is why we focus our operation only on advanced Asia.  Through transforming companies in this region we aim to establish model for world to folllow and learn.

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