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Why do you need a design transformation?​​​

Have you ever tried to push a pull door or pull a slide door and just ended up standing there feeling embarrassed wish there is a hole for you to climb in?   If you haven’t, this footage from the movie Snatch will show you exactly how bad design can be frustrating and potentially get you locked up in jail.  

It’s not just door.  Bad design is everywhere.  The two-sided USB that takes three times to find the right way to plug-in?  or a lot of confusing smart devices out there that just makes you feel stupid?  or frustrating website design that requires a software engineer to be able navigate around? 

In a time where customer expectation are going through the roof and competitions are constantly transforming and innovating, giving customers unique and hard-to-be-replaced experience is becoming a norm for top performers in every sector.  And also, driven by the fact that data is booming and lines between hardware, software and services are blurring, we are able to provide customers great experience in the most relevant way possible.  

So.. what does a design transformation requires?


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Digital journey & experience
Mapping our customer journey and optimize experience
End-to-end digital transformation
Redefine how an organization function top to bottom
Digital marketing & sales
Omni-channel strategy and integration of marketing and sales
Automation & personalization
Create a relentlessly relevant brand with extreme personalization
Digital culture and capabilities
Cultivate digital culture and enhance the digital capabilities
Big data & advanced analytics
Through AL/ML and big data analytics to gain better insight

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UX Design
For average consumers, the importance of experience has already surpassed that of brand and even the product itself...
Customer Experience
Customer Journey
Brand Strategy
Formula of Innovation
Innovation does not belong to just the few. In fact, it is a repeatable process. In this insight...
What is the business value of design?
Five steps into uncovering consumer insight
Design thinking. What it is and Why it matters

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