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Just ten years ago, “Designer Bed & Breakfast” was just an apartment that two guys rented out for spare change.  Now, it is one of the biggest players in the hospitality industry operating in 191 countries and own 5 millions unique listing on their platform.  This disruptive player brings tremendous pressure to the incumbents.  Even the Marriott, which own 30 hotel brands, is seeing their potential growth being eaten by this digital native competitors.

Just ten years ago, the founding team of Uber were just using telephone to look for drivers in real time.  Now, they already went public with an estimated market cap of 75 billion dollars.   And again, just ten years ago,  cheap airline hold a total market shares of about 16%.  Now, they double they almost double their market shares to 31% while traditional airline struggle to survive. 

Disruptive technologies and innovative companies are reshaping the sector and as millennials are becoming mainstream and generation Z is emerging onto the market, hospitality industry also have to prepare for a population they barely know.  A population that is digital native and is constantly switching brands to look for brands that are most relevant to them and is providing the best experience. 

Now, a good question to ask is: are brands putting their capital and resources into the right basket? 

Finding the solution is no easy task.  But those that don’t might just find themselves in an awkward position like Boeing who are currently in a mess they created with 737 MAX.  

What is driving the sector?

Today, players in hospitality are not just competing with themselves.  As the rise of sharing economy, companies like Airbnb or Uber are all leveraging it and riding on exponential  growth.  This means the barriers to entry now is anyone that has spare resources.  Incumbents today has to protect their market shares against almost everyone potentially.  

And that’s not all.  More and more people are traveling and more and that means the sector has to be prepared for a storm of different culture, background, and language.  Also, as 4 billions of population in the world is goin online and the internet usage is accelerating.  Brands that don’t have a presence or are considered not relevant to customers will soon be driven out of the market.

Despite all the challenges ahead, our research find brands that holds the below value driver are performing above average across the industry and we believe it will continue to drive growth in the near future. 


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