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For mobility industry, an industry that has long been driven by technologies, talents, and innovation, change has always been a daily norm, however this time is different.   The industry is facing disruptions from all angles.  Digital native and innovative brands like Uber, Grab, Tesla, or even Google are defining the way value is created.  

Take Tesla as an example, an automobile company that is barely a decade old now has a market cap more than that of Ford and GM combines while both being century-old.

The future of mobility is changing rapidly.  Incumbents are forced to innovate.  Autofact, a Team assembled by PwC, has predicted that 40% of mileages in Europe will be driven by autonomous vehicles by 2030.  At the same time Shared mobility market which now is just less than 1% of mileage driven will keep a 20% CAGR growth to 2030.  

What is driving the sector?

Not only today’s consumers want a more fuel-saving and environmental friendly vehicle, but we also see a lot of consumers don’t even want to own a car anymore.  Instead, they change the public transportation, bike-sharing, or shared vehicle.  

Consumer behavior is changing.  government’s regulation, innovation, technologies are also changing.  In 2020s we will be embracing a market of extreme changing dynamic with four trends seems to be leading the disruption.  Or just like the Autofact team like to put it

「It’s going to be so eascy(Electric, Autonomous, Sharing, Connected, and Yearly Updated)」


Most mileage will be driven by EV.


Up to 40% of mileage is self-driven.


In the urban area up to 50$ of mileage is shared.


Most cars on the road will be connected.

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