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We work closely with experts in different domains and across the world to ensure our member's needs are met, questions are answered, and challenges are solved.

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For the past three years, we have been reaching out to experts in different domains and from around the world to enrich our expert portfolio. Our goal is to empower our member in the Greater China Region to get the help as soon as they need it.

and we ensure our member’s needs are met, questions are answered, and challenges are solved.

Join the network and get onboard. We pay our expert the premium and make sure that scheduling is never a conflict and new interviewers are always coming in.

Snippet of our experts portfolio

We facilitates the conversation. All the way.

1. Searching

Our members will search the platform for their needs (Your information is kept private only experience and capability are shown)

2. Connecting

We will connect you to our member as soon as there is a request. Typically we can get a meeting scheduled in less than weeks.

3. Facilitation

Our team will sometimes join the call to facilitate conversation and work as a project manager throughout our member's project.

4. Coordination

We will typically work with our member for some follow-up questions in order to make sure that our member really get their questions answered.

All Types of Challenges. Solved By You and Us.

We support our member solve all types of challenges the may see in their operation, decision making and all kinds of other needs.

Some of the common challenges includes:

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