Amanda Lin

About Amanda Lin

Since joining OOSGA, Amanda has focused on serving retail and consumer goods companies on merchandising topics, in particular pricing, promotions, assortment, sourcing, organization, and most importantly, growth strategies.

Examples of her work include the following:

  • Developing merchandising/online strategy and organization effectiveness and efficiency for major department store/apparel player
  • Shaping global marketing strategies for a cosmetics startup in Taiwan.
  • Conducting strategy assessment of the impact of China economic downturn at a market level and subsequent impact on sales for a major apparel retailer, as well as shifts in the dynamic of consumer purchasing behavior.
  • Igniting customer experience with a customer-oriented enterprise approach that prioritize journey-based, design thinking, and agile driven management practices for a well-known CPG company in Japan.

Prior to joining OOSGA, Amanda spent three years working at Bain & Company (France) as an associate consulting for their CPG practices where she spent her time in marketing operation & analytics.

"Building a relentlessly relevant brand with marketing"

業務聯繫人: Chelsie Yang | Email:
Call: 6601-1315

Empowering Change, Delivering Impact.

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