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With seven years of experience in leading marketing & analytics transformation project in Japan, China, and Taiwan, Masa now leads OOSGA in Taiwan, where he has led marketing & sales transformation, core technology modernization and data-driven management, and new business building using digital analytics technology. Masa is quite passionate about helping more clients in Asia by combining the best of our client’s organization with the most relevant techs & strategies.

Examples of Masa’s recent client work include the following:

  • Leading a CPG company undergo digital transformation project with agile practices deployed down to every single department except support functions in order to drive relevance among targeted persona and increase bottom line.
  • Deploying multiple implementation projects for the recently launched marketing initiatives with several SME clients of ours.
  • Building the entire data ecosystem to empower global sales for a leading equipment manufacturer in Taiwan.
  • leading AI-based transformation to replace assortment in the shelf and pricing for a retail company, through identifying consumer preferences based on big data such as consumer traffic using smartphone location information and determining the products with the highest sales potential and the competitive advantage in price; resulting in a significant increase in sales in the filed pilot and applied nationwide

Prior to joining OOSGA, Masa worked at Roland Berger in a number of marketing transformation projects in Japan; He also co-founded Kaftin, a non-profit education startup in Taiwan to help students navigating the bi-lingual future.

"We don't work for our clients. We work for their purpose."

業務聯繫人: Chelsie Yang | Email:
Call: 6601-1315

Empowering Change, Delivering Impact.

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