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Min-kyu leads our work on consumer marketing in Southeast Asia. He works with clients in the consumer space, including cpg, retail, cosmetics, and hospitality. Min-kyu frequently advises on issues related to strategy and marketing, such as market entry, go-to-market, portfolio and growth strategy, and sales transformation. He also has extensive experience leading zero-based-marketing projects.

Recent examples of Minkyu’s client work include the following:

  • advising a global agriculture company on how to grow in Asia, developing the corporate portfolio strategy for the downstream business in Asia and detailing a holistic enterprise-transformation plan to double profitability in the next three years for two specific product segments
  • supporting a multinational beauty company in developing an inorganic growth strategy for Asia
  • helping an Indonesian consumer company transform its B2C business by redesigning its go-to-market approach across Indonesia, supporting the rollout of the new go-to-market model and revamping distributor trade terms and product brand-price architecture fit to market
  • supporting a client in developing an in-store excellence execution tool kit to segment store types, define investment into promotions, and investment into promoters and retail audit, while piloting the rollout of the tool kit in two Asian countries
  • advising 15 mid-tier food companies in Southeast Asia on export growth and go-to-market strategies
  • conducting strategic due diligence for a dairy-production company, evaluating long-term dairy trends in the country and the viability of the business model

Understanding the how not the why

業務聯繫人: Chelsie Yang | Email: chelsie.y@oosga.com
Call: 6601-1315

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