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Our team work with 500+ member in the Greater China Region and work with their supply chain & market strategy worldwide.

Bridging The Gap Between The Greater China and The World

Here at OOSGA, we work with our member to overcome their business challenges. That usually includes services like regulatory support, distribution and logistics, marketing and sales, and service. We deliver a lot of services by working closely with our international partners that we trust.

While there is no cost involves in registering your company as our supplier, but you do have to go through a series of interviews and some paperworks so that we can get things started.

Work with the leading brands in the Greater China Region

Delivering Global Impact.
The Greater China

You have access to our 500+ members (and growing!) in greater china that are expanding their businesses worldwide.

Strong Relationship

We work with our ecosystem partners as our teammates. We believe in full transparency and building stronger relationship.

Project Basis

We work closely with our member on a per-project basis. That means we bring in our ecosystem partners for every relevant proejct.

Full Price Tag

Not going to and will never ask our partners to provide discounts against their cost. We believe in quality, genuine and service above all else.

What we examine?​

We typically take up to 6 weeks to examine our new partner

During the process, we perform both on-site (if possible) and background check to provide our member 360 degree view of the partners they work with. Depending on the industry and function the supplier is in but this typically includes:

Company Profiling
After we have received relevant documents, we will start background check by working with local government agency / 3rd party verifier to ensure authenticity. Typically during the process, we check Business license & Ownership status, Company / Factory location, Business type and company structure, Lawsuits and other trackable behavior..
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Competitive Advantages
Through on-site or online interview, we work with our expert partner to put your service into our proprietary competitive mapping compass that includes the dimension of cost matrix, service matrix, quality, and sustainability.
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Production / Service Delivery Capabilities
For our new partner, we typically work in either small volume or short timeframe to better examine what they can bring to the table.
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