About Us


OOSGA's research team collaborates with numerous overseas research institutions and partners, focusing on East Asia, Southeast Asia, and India. We offer advanced market analysis and strategic recommendations in the areas of consumer sectors, competitions and market strategy.

Our consulting team is built upon a vast reservoir of intelligence and collaborative partners. We assist our clients in developing and implementing a series of projects, making it easier for client businesses to establish a presence internationally and expand globally.

About Us

OOSGA was originally founded as 大須賀コンサル in 2017 in Tokyo. It was primarily focused on creating client-centric organizational transformations, emphasizing agile operations across marketing and sales.

By the end of 2019, the company was officially set up in Taiwan. With the global supply chain disturbances in recent years, it propelled our team to expand into cross-border intelligence. We established an independent research division, concentrating on policies and economic and trade developments of various countries. We also expanded our operations to Singapore, supporting the business development of many countries in Asia.

As of 2023, we consolidate intelligence, technology, strategy, practical experience, and expertise from various fields and markets to assist clients in establishing new business entities and expanding their market reach.


Feel free to contact our team directly through the form (for the quickest response) or you can reach out to specific departments by individual email or phone.