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Empowering Trade & Global Operation

Our team, consisting of experts in economics, retail, industry, manufacturing, and technology, helps corporations around the world enhance their market entry and worldwide operations.

Who We Are

OOSGA was established in Tokyo in 2017 with the goal of creating customer-centric organizations. In 2019, the company moved to Taipei to better focus on the Greater China market.

The pandemic has had a significant impact on supply chains and operations, causing many companies to seek diversification. During this time, OOSGA has had the privilege of collaborating with some leading companies around the world on their market entry strategy in order to decrease reliance on a particular market; or building new ventures in segments to grab opportunities in a blue ocean.

As of 2023, our company offers two service lines: market entry and supply chain resilience. These services cater to different customer groups with the same goal of supporting the growth of businesses of all sizes to build a global firm.

Our Mission
We enable our partners to become indispensable global players.
Our People
We are a global team of industry analysts, policy researchers, and data-driven consultants.
Our Ecosystems
We are building an ecosystem of partners in selected industries on a global scale.

Recent Examples of Our Work

In the past five years, we help some of the leading companies  Greater China to expand their operation at a global scale.

Supporting a Leading Electronic Brand in Taiwan to build their foundry operation globally

We helped a renowned consumer electronic brand to establish their foundry business and brand in North America, Mainland China, ASEAN and the Japanese market.

Pro Bono - Building a platform that connect poets and writers across the world

Our internal team built a non profit organization The CLAAS (Chinese Literature and Arts Society), that focuses its efforts on bridging the gap between Chinese culture and the world.

Supporting Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality in their member service transformation

We work directly with the government of Shenzhen to transform their member service operation to better support their member in building global operation. Notable Offices include the Tokyo office, the UK office, and LA office.

Supporting a leading lithium battery provider, with their global expansion

We work with management team at the firm and build market entry operation for machinery sector in 4 major markets including North America, ASEAN, India, and Japan.

Supporting a leading entertainment company to deliver international marketing

We work with one of the leading entertainment firm with their new venture, and provide both the strategic framework and the delivery for their worldwide campaign.

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