About Us


At OOSGA, we empower our clients to do business on a global scale. With a focus on industrial real estate and alternative supply chains in Asia as opposed to China, we are driving sustainable growth in the new normal of a constantly changing world.

About Us

OOSGA was originally founded as 大須賀コンサル in 2017 in Tokyo. It was primarily focused on creating client-centric organizational transformations, emphasizing agile operations across marketing and sales.

By the end of 2019, the company was officially set up in Taiwan. With the global supply chain disruptions in recent years, it propelled our team to expand into cross-border intelligence. We started to focus our service on supply chain intelligence and in industrial real estate, helping our clients across different industrial sectors building new manufacturing base across Southeast Asia and beyond.


Feel free to contact our team directly through the form (for the quickest response) or you can reach out to specific team by individual email or phone.