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We Help Our Client Grow, at a Global Scale

OOSGA is dedicated to becoming the cross-border intelligence unit for companies of all sizes. We provide reliable market intelligence and actionable insights to our clients and work hands in hands with them, and projects after projects.

Leveraging our global market intelligence, extensive network of industry experts, and our refined market entry strategies, our team of skilled professionals stands ready to tackle your challenges. Let us be your trusted ally in your market entry endeavors.

Market Entry

OOSGA combine 3rd party research, our interview with experts and our on-the-field experience to support our clients in developing strategy in marketing & sales for their oversea development.

Insight Partnership

Focusing on smart city, digital healthcare, logistics infrastructure, and high-tech manufacturing, our team provide proprietary research and insights to support our clients' decision making.

Growth Consulting

We setup project team within our clients' organization to discover opportunities within their marketing and sales.
Global Intelligence, Alongside Your Team

Building An Ecosystem of Stakeholders

As Asia continues to rise as a focal point of global activity, our team recognizes the transformative phase offering a wealth of opportunities for businesses to tap into remarkable potential. At OOSGA, we excel in harnessing these trends to empower our clients, positioning them to seize the advantages of this dynamic transformation.

Our Practice Market

East Asia

East Asia, encompassing Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, is a region of both similarities and distinct characteristics. We assist companies worldwide in entering these markets by leveraging our local experience and expertise, ensuring a seamless and successful market entry.


India, the most populous country in the world, has a fast-growing middle class, and its consumer market is full of momentum and changes. In the Indian market, our team assists companies in navigating various channels and partners, helping companies stand out in this market with a huge consumer base and huge potential.


Combining 10 countries with a GDP of 3.5 trillion U.S. dollars, and a fast-growing economy, it is not only a huge production momentum, but also an increasingly important consumer market. In the ASEAN market, we assist enterprises to implement the expansion in different countries step by step, and enable our customers to take the lead.

Our Practice Area

With a combined capabilities of many industry experts that collaborates with us, and the sophisticated in-house consulting practices, we are able to deliver strategy that create lasting value for our clients.

Consulting Team

Market Entry | Global Expansion

CR Team

Consumer Demographics | Consumer Expenditure | Retail Landscape | E-Commerce | Digital Engagement

FR Team

Trade Agreement | Framework | Geopolitics | Import & Export | Custom Regulation | International Logistics

BE Team

Business Environment | Competition | Foreign Investment | Taxation | Finance | Labor Regulation | Infrastructure | Tech Readiness

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