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Your edge in new markets

Committed to being a partner for businesses of all sizes in the international market, our team has integrated intelligence from major markets, conducted research on key countries, and established relationships with numerous distributors, marketing and sales agents, as well as industry experts. We aim to assist business owners in better exploring new markets

We help you deeply understand the uniqueness of each market and find the best positioning for your products and services. Once the direction is set, we formulate and implement appropriate market strategies. By collaborating with local professional partners, we ensure your business enters new markets smoothly and expands successfully.

Market Entry

We help you get in and grow in new markets from research, marketing to building a strong local partnership.

Insight Partnership

Rooted in our expertise in real estate, we've expanded our intelligence into the retail and industrial sectors, providing strategic insights that enable companies to cultivate a competitive edge.

Global Intelligence, Along With Your Team.


As Asia takes center stage in the global landscape, the wave of digitization and rapid globalization presents immense opportunities for Asian firms. Yet, much remains to be done for companies to fully seize these opportunities. At OOSGA, we are committed to navigating this transformation with businesses, striving to create an indispensable global ecosystem.



Investment Evaluation, Market Expansion, Ecosystem Partnerships


Market Expansion

Advanced East Asia

Investment Evaluation, Market Expansion


Investment Evaluation, Market Expansion, Ecosystem Partnerships


Project Team

Market Entry, Marketing & Sales Strategy, New Ventures, Investment Evaluation

Economic Team

DEPICTER Framework

CR Team

Consumer Behavior, Consumer Market, Retailing, Social Media, E-Commerce

Real Estate Team

Real Estate Investment, PropTech, ASEAN & India Investment (Industrials, CRE, Retail)

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