Demographics of Portugal in 2023 - Structure, Labor, Regional Trends

Last Updated: October 30, 2023


10.286 million


1.37 Child

Median Age

45.4 Years Old

Dependency Ratio

56.3 %

Life Expectancy

82.2 Years

Net Migration Rate

1 ‰

Executive Summary

Portugal - Population Growth

Note: % | Forecast After 2023 (UN, Statistics Office, Local Agency)

Population Structure

The population demographic data has been updated to October 2023 based primarily on the United Nations population database, with some countries using their own statistical agencies. All data listed is from 2022 (unless otherwise noted).

Population +

-23 k people


80 k people


113 k people

Net Migration

10 k people

Portugal - Population Growth Drivers
Note: % | forecast after 2023
Portugal - Age Structure - Historical & Forecast
Note: % | forecast after 2023

Natural Growth

-3.2 ‰

Net Migration

1 ‰

Young Dependency

20.1 %

Old Dependency

36.2 %

Portugal - Median Age
Note: Age
Portugal - Demographic Structure
Source: UN Population; OOSGA Analytics

Culture Brief


white homogeneous Mediterranean population; citizens from Portugal’s former colonies in Africa and Asia and other foreign born

Language Used

Portuguese (official), Mirandese (official, but locally used)


Roman Catholic 81%, other Christian 3.3%, other (includes Jewish, Muslim) 0.6%, none 6.8%, unspecified 8.3% (2011 est. by CIA)

Portugal - Education
Note: %
Portugal - Education Comparison (Tertiary Education)
Note: %

Labor Brief

Portugal - Labor Participation Rate
Note: %
Portugal - Labor Participation by Groups
Note: %
Portugal - Labor Participation By Sectors
Note: %

Regional Brief

Portugal - Population in Key Regions
Portugal - GDP Per Capita in Key Regions
  • Population project by age group: UN population database | Data after 2022 is estimated/forecasted | Forecasted with medium variant
  • Currency: nominal USD, unless otherwise specified. | IMF
  • Economic projection: OECD, IMF, EIU, Local Government
  • Culture, ethnicities, languages: CIA Factbook
  •  Education: World Bank
  • Labor Participation: ILO,
  • Data Aggregation & Calculation:
  • Analysis: Economic Team
Author: Economic Team

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