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Enable Your Product/Service All Over Asia

For the same product, as long as you find the right consumers, the right market, the right channel, and the right method, the impact it will bring is worlds apart.

The specialty of our team is to help customers find answers to some questions, and based on these answers, we work with customers to formulate strategies and promote development, so that enterprises and products become extremely relevant to customers.

As a leading strategic consulting firm in cross-border market entry, OOSGA provides clients with comprehensive advice on topics related to market entry, and ensures that we have sufficient energy to support client needs from intelligence, strategy to implementation, and to achieve Target.

We Discover New Opportunities
Our team conducts opportunity exploration for India, Southeast Asia, China, and other advanced markets, implements the tracking of the six major fields of digital economy, manufacturing, construction, consumer goods, energy, and health care, and works with companies that can effectively fill the relevant market gaps, seize the opportunities.
We Help Evaluate Risks & Rewards
In the market assessment project, we assist clients to think about which market will bring the greatest value to expand, the relative barrier to entry, and the assessment of the market to be expanded on the supply side, demand side, policy side, competition side, and risk side .
We Strategize & Build Roadmap
We assist the client team to formulate and develop a market entry strategy, whether through internal resources, partnerships, M&A, or other means, and provide a specific timeline and schedule to gradually deliver market entry and implementation.
We Implement & Execute
Our project team, multinational cooperation team, and external experts work side by side with customers to implement projects, so that customers' products and services can successfully enter key distributors, customers, and even various possible developments.

Our Impacts

We work with businesses of all sizes. As long as we also believe that your product has great potential in the market, our team will be excited to participate and devote all our efforts.

In the case of market entry, we have served the leading lithium battery industry in mainland China to expand globally, Taiwan’s global consumer electronics industry to enter ASEAN, American health food to enter India, Taiwan’s industrial automation solutions to India and FMCG to Japan and many other experiences.

At the same time, we also have the opportunity to participate in the development of many projects from the public sector, such as the Delaware state (US), the Canton Fair, the BOFT in Taiwan, and KITA (South Korea).

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