Market Entry. Our Methodology


Problems We Help Solve

For the same identical product, as long as you find the right consumers, the right market, the right channel, and the right method, the impact it will bring is worlds apart.

The specialty of our team is to help customers find answers to some questions, and based on these answers, we work together with customers to formulate strategies and promote development, so that enterprises and products become extremely relevant to customers.

As a leading cross-border strategy consulting company, OOSGA provides customers with comprehensive advice on market entry topics, and ensures that from intelligence, strategy, to implementation, we are able to support customer needs, achieve goals, and assist in addressing the following issues:

On this issue, we assist companies to think about several aspects. One is market potential, which is to evaluate the size and growth of a certain product line in different markets. The second is the ease of development, that is, among different markets, what are the difficulties in different markets from the perspective of competition, business, local ecosystem, and other aspects, and which one is easier.

After integrating the information, we will provide specific suggestions to support customers in making relevant decisions, as well as short-, medium-, and long-term expectations and plans for corresponding projects.

On this issue, the question to think about is still the question of market selection, please refer to the article “We hope to reduce our reliance on the Chinese consumer market…”

On this issue, in a certain market (Vietnam) we have targeted, we analyze the domestic demand situation and future prospects of its product items, and provide customers with the development expectations of a single market.

On this issue, we collaborate with local product managers and experts, and through competing products, online research, and the means of integrating our data and analysis, we find the gap between the current customer demand and market supply of product items, and find out where feasible. In the case of high security, provide customers with specific proposals.

On this issue, we use research and interviews to focus on the usage scenarios of products, services, and solutions, and help companies understand the “why” of consumers to buy.

Focusing on this issue, we provide information on enterprise e-retail channels, integrate practical experience and cases, and further provide specific suggestions on how to deploy, as well as analysis of advantages and disadvantages.

Understanding the local distribution ecosystem is often complicated, and OOSGA assists customers in solving this series of problems through a wealth of expert network resources.

Understanding the positioning and trends of competing products not only allows companies to understand their market overview, but also understands the operating methods of similar products, and uses this as a benchmark for development to compete with competitors in the market. OOSGA uses the resources of third-party partners and integrates data from all aspects to help companies understand the positioning and dynamics of competing products.

Whether it is technical specifications, contents, packaging, or other fields, changes in local regulations are often a risk gap. OOSGA and its network of external experts assist customers to better locate specific regulations and implement legal compliance.


Our Framework In Solving Market Entry Problems

For the same product, as long as you find the right consumers, the right market, the right channel, and the right method, the impact it will bring is worlds apart.

The framework of our team is very simple, which is to help customers find the answers to the 5W questions. Answer: Who are the consumers? What do consumers buy? Why do consumers buy? Where do consumers buy? How do consumers buy?

Based on this, OOSGA provides the company with a specific implementation plan and accompanies the client from planning to implementation.