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Vietnam - E-Commerce Market Outlook & Retail Trends in 2023

There is about 18.7% of people in Vietnam that purchase on e-commerce in the past year and 58.2% of e-commerce users are regular online shoppers that purchase on a weekly basis.

Last Updated: January 6, 2023
The Outlook

What's the Outlook of The E-Commerce Market in Vietnam?

The e-commerce market in Vietnam has seen impressive growth over the last decade, with rates ranging from 25-70%. It is currently worth almost $10 billion in sales, representing about 5.8% of the overall retail market. Despite being behind other countries in terms of the adoption of online retail, Vietnam is known for its innovation in this area. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnamese chat apps and local retailers have shown their ability to quickly introduce new solutions to meet the needs of customers.

E-commerce adoption in Vietnam has historically been fueled by a growing number of internet users and digitally-native customers. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in e-commerce usage due to concerns about virus transmission. Additionally, the Vietnamese government’s efforts to encourage e-commerce adoption will likely drive growth among those who do not typically use e-commerce. The government’s plan targets increasing e-commerce usage among the population to 55% and per capita e-commerce spending to approximately $600 by 2025.

An interesting trend among Vietnamese retailers is their focus on omni-channel strategies. Many of the solutions developed by retailers are designed to facilitate an omni-channel experience for customers. For example, customers can browse products in physical stores and place orders on the retailer’s e-commerce website, or they can visit the website first and then make purchases in-store in a seamless process. This enables retailers to provide a more convenient and seamless shopping experience for their customers. Companies like Mobile World, FPT Corp, or hypermarket retailers like Big 5 are among the leading players.

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Vietnam - E-Commerce & Total Retail Sales | Billion $
Vietnam - Retail & E-Commerce Growth | %
Vietnam Retail, Value Added | (% of GDP)
Vietnam E-Commerce Penetration Rate | (% of Total Retail Sales)
The Platforms

What's The Landscape of E-Commerce Platforms in Vietnam?

E-commerce in Vietnam is still in a competitive and rapidly evolving stage, with no clear leader in the market. Shopee is currently the dominant player in terms of both retail sales and volume, but other companies such as Tiki and Lazada also have strong positions in the market. It is likely that the landscape will continue to change as new players enter the market and existing ones adapt to changing consumer needs and preferences.

Trends driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, such as social commerce and omnichannel strategies implemented by retailers, are causing significant changes in the market.

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Finance Environment

18.7% of Customers Shop on The Internet

In Vietnam, There are about 4.1% of people use credit cards, and 26.7% of people use debit cards. While there are 18.7% of people purchase on the internet, there is only 9.2% of people with online banking accounts.

Source:World Bank, Payment Service Providers, eMarketer

% with financial accounts

% with credit cards

% with debit cards

% get paid through digital channels

% buy on the internet

% with internet banking

% pay bill through online

% E-Commerce Penetration

Weekly Purchases

What E-Commerce Users in Vietnam Purchase on a Weekly Basis?

Source: Statista Digital Market Outlook
Main Drivers

For Consumers in Vietnam, What's The Main Drivers For Using E-Commerce?

Source: (Q3, 2021)
% of respondents think is their main drivers | Multi-select survey

What Does Consumer Goods E-Commerce Look Like in Vietnam?

There is 51.78 million consumer goods e-commerce users in Vietnam, and they spend total of around 12.42 billion USD dollars in 2021. That makes a per capita spending on consumer goods e-commerce of around  240 USD. Also, in those e-commerce users, about 50.2% of them purchase through their mobile phone.

Vietnam - Consumer Goods E-Commerce Sales | Million $

Travel E-Commerce Landscape in Vietnam

Source: Statista Digital Market Outlook 2021
Vietnam - Travel E-Commerce Sales | Million $

Digital Media Landscape in Vietnam

Source: Statista Digital Market Outlook 2021
Vietnam - Digital Media E-Commerce Sales | Million $

Food Delivery Landscape in Vietnam

There is around 12.23 million  people using e-commerce to order delivery in Vietnam in 2021 . And throughout 2021-2022, the growth rate of food delivery users is at 17.5% according to a report issued by Statista, a data compiling company. The current market size of the food delivery market in the country is  371.8 million USD which translate to per user spending of about  30.39 USD.

Annual Users Growth (%)

Annual Market Growth (%)

Spend Per User (Nominal $)

Digital Payment Landscape in Vietnam

There is about 51.78 million people using digital channels to transact in Vietnam in 2021. Over the period of 2021-2022, the figure had even grown at around13.5%. The total transaction value is worth 14.38 billion USD and or around 278 dollar per digital payment user.

Annual Digital Payment Users Growth (%)

Annual Market Growth (%)

Transaction Per User (Nominal $)


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