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We Empower Our Clients to Build Global Business

At the heart of our team lies a rich foundation of expertise in consumer research, marketing & sales, and business strategy in general. Our dedicated consultants possess exceptional project management skills and a proven track record of delivering market entry projects for numerous clients. Let us be your trusted partner in navigating the path to success in new markets, and continuously transform your organization into a global business.

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Our Strength

Global Intelligence

With a DEPICTER™ Framework in breaking down market, we provide the most comprehensive data and analysis to support our clients in their decision making.

Expert Networks

Through a network of experts we've cultivated over the years, we are able to get instant support in most field regarding problems faced by our clients, especially in Asia.

Project Team

Our team has a profound experience in the field of market entry & cross-border operation. We can help you craft & deliver an impeccable market strategy.

Alongside You

We are dedicated to becoming the cross-border intelligence unit for companies of all sizes. By working alongside all stakeholders, we take risk and reward together.

Special Report

Vietnam Market Entry - A Consumer & Goods Guide
Vietnam’s retail market is set to grow from $135 billion in 2022 to an estimated $215 billion in 2027, creating an $80 billion opportunity for businesses.
Investing in Vietnam - A Business Environment Guide
Environment is improving. Both our on-field experience, recent policy makings have signaled a rapid pace toward a more open and stable business environment in the near term.

Reports & Data on Social & Commerce

Social Media

Tracking growth & developments of social media platforms.


Tracking retail & e-commerce developments across countries.

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