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OOSGA is a consulting firm that helps companies expand to new markets


At OOSGA, we empower our clients to do business on a global scale. With a focus on Digital Tech and the Asia Pacific, we are driving disruptive growth by seizing opportunities across Asia in this digitizing world.

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Actionable Insights

In collaboration with numerous research organizations, we provide you with actionable market insights that are directly relevant to your business needs.

Expert Networks

With our extensive network of seasoned experts, we offer immediate support across sectors, with a particular focus in the Asian markets.

Project Team

Boasting significant expertise in marketing and business developments, our team stands ready to help you develop and execute the strategy.

Alongside You

We work with you hand in hand from start to finish—delivering research, developing strategies, and executing business development in the new markets.


Uncovering how people across the world make decision.


Tracking Changes That Matter

Aug, 2023
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Jul, 2023
Investing in Brazil (2023): Gov Incentives & Economic Zones


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