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Supporting industrial producers develop supply chain strategy & partners in Southeast Asia.


At OOSGA, we empower our clients to do business on a global scale. With a focus on industrial real estate and alternative supply chains in Asia as opposed to China, we are driving sustainable growth in the new normal of a constantly changing world.


Actionable Insights

In collaboration with industrial real estate developers across Asia, we provide you with actionable market insights that are directly relevant to your business needs.

Expert Network

With our extensive network of seasoned experts, we offer immediate support throughout the process of relocation & supply chain strategy, with a particular focus in the Asian markets.

Project Team

Boasting significant expertise in industrial real estate as well as supply chain, our team stands ready to help you develop, execute, and continuously optimize the strategy.

Alongside You

We work with you hand in hand from start to finish. From market research, regional evaluation to selecting the most appropriate partners, we provide data and direct support.

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Expand your supply chain to other Asian countries

With a focus on industrials & real estate, we support our clients in finding the most suitable industrial real estate as well as partners in their cross-border venture in ASEAN & The East Asia.

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Our team is dedicated to assisting businesses of all sizes in developing cross-border market operations. We help clients assess market entry, formulate strategies, and find land, property, as well as partners.

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Tracking Changes That Matter

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